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Thank you for supporting Independent Music!
You can find most of these albums wherever you stream & purchase your music.    
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Bandcamp is the most direct way to support Independent artists, plus that's where we post our bootlegs and other unreleased material.  


Transitions by Will West (2019)
a genre bending collection of songs produced by Will West. 
"All I Have" featured on KINK FM 101.9, and "Song of the Week" by Vortex Magazine.  

AA Live Cover Image.jpg

Live Vol 1 by WW&TFS (2017)
Recorded live at the White Eagle Saloon in Portland, Oregon

Sunshine by WW&TFS (2012) 
Recorded at 8 Ball Studio & Echotone studio in Portland, Oregon.  Featuring a collection of songs touching on Modern Folk, Jazz, Groove & Hip Hop.


Take this Moment by WW&TFS (2011) 
The debut album by Will West & The Friendly Strangers.  Recorded at 8 Ball Studio and Sessions on 12th Studio in Portland, Oregon.  Nominated for Album of the Year by the 2012 Portland Music Awards


Shine by Will West (2007)
The debut studio album by Will West.
Recorded with Rob Stroup at 8 Ball Studio in Portland.  An easy listening collection of folk, blues, americana and a touch of bluegrass.


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